Angular JS Course in Kanpur

Join Angular JS 1 Month Course at VFX Era in kakadeo Kanpur.

Angular JS Certification Course in Kanpur

The Angular JS Development course is primarily designed for UI Developer(s)/Web Developer(s) who want to learn how to create a single-page web application using Angular. At VFX Era’s Angular JS course in Kakadeo, Kanpur you will learn the Angular2, Angular4, and TypeScript fundamentals like modules, components, life cycle hooks, pipes, directives, services, forms validation, classes, interface, method overloading, arrow function, etc. that help you to build rich, scalable, extensible and high-performance single page web application and much more.

Angular JS Course Modules

Module 1 - Introduction to Angular

  •    Understanding Angular2
  •    Advantage of Angular2   
  •    Angular1 vs. Angular2

Module 2 - Get Started with Angular2 to 5

  • Running an Angular 2 App
  • Understanding Angular2 folder structure
  • Angular2 Initialization Process
  • Introduction to Component
  • Creating a Setting up an Angular 2 App
  • Component
  • Bootstrapping the Component

Module 3 - Databinding

  • Understanding Data Binding
  • Attribute Binding
  • Two-way Data Binding
  • Event Binding etc.
  • Choosing Appropriate Data Binding

Module 4 - Angular2 CLI

  •  Introduction to CLI
  •  Creating new project-ng new and ng-init
  •  Building Project-ng build and ng serve
  •  Ng CLI options
  •  Ng CLI for creating
  •  components, services, directives, and pipes, etc.

Module 5 - Directives and Pipes

  • Built-in Directives-ngIf, ngFor, switches, etc.
  • Creating Custom Directives
  • Angular2 Pipes
  • Creating Custom Pipes

Module 6 - Routing

  •   Understanding Routing
  •   Defining Routes
  •   Nested Routes
  •   Attaching Routes to Actions
  •   Defining Templates

Module 7 - Advanced Components and Directives

  •   Components Life Cycle Hooks
  •   Nested Components
  •   Data sharing between nested components

Module 8 - Inheritance

  •    Angular form validation
  •    Angular form and controls properties

Module 9 - Angular Forms and Controls

  •   Introduction to Angular 2 Forms
  •   Types of Angular2 Forms-Template Driven and Model-Driven
  •   Template Driven vs. Model Driven

Module 10 - Template Driven Form

  •  Creating Template-driven Form
  •  Angular form input controls
  •  Angular form validation
  •  Angular form and controls properties

Module 11 - Model Driven Form

  • Creating Model Driven Form
  • Angular form input controls
  • Angular form validation
  • Angular form and controls properties

Module 12 - Services

  • Understanding Angular2 Services
  • Creating

Module 13 - Database Operations with REST Service

  • Introduction to REST
  • Developing REST services using Node.js and MongoDB
  • REST Service CRUD Operations

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